Employment Law

Okyay | Evren is the choice of national and international companies of all sizes on its services of this field with the budget friendly, data focused, efficient communication with client and strategy partnership understanding.

As it is known, employment law is one of the main legal branches that the businesses require consultancy with its importance on work peace and sustainability of a workplace.

Businesses requires to managed with the upmost care and attentive manner for the processes of this field because of their specific regulations, interpretation rules and principles along with the ever-developing judgement applications and these processes is required to be subject to follow-up with the same sensitivity.

As a result of the employment law processes that are managed with this sensitivity and care, it is possible to provide resolution of the disputes before the litigation process or even prevent the existence of the dispute in the first place. Okyay | Evren provides comprehensive strategies with its innovative perspective and contributes to clients with its experience on this field, precision and business focus.

It is an established belief in corporate companies that the employment lawsuits are a type of lawsuit that cannot be won since the comments are in favor of the workers in the labor courts. Okyay | Evren has shown that this established belief is not correct with its preventative and innovative perspective along with the experience on this subject and the power that has been acquired from the team. Okyay | Evren changes the perspective of the corporate companies with correct consultancy and effective intervention for the labor disputes.

Okyay | Evren provides assistance to provide work peace in a workplace with the provided legal services and procures follow-up and conclusion on the disputes with the most economic and budget-friendly manner possible.

Okyay | Evren has a great accumulation of lawsuit experience on the field of employment law. Okyay | Evren continues on follow-up of a great number of employment lawsuits before labor courts and arbitrators by largely representing the employer side at the present time. In this sense, Okyay | Evren executes proceedings on wage claims arising from employment contracts that are definite and indefinite, reemployment lawsuits and disputes arising from trine business relations (primary employer – contractor – worker) along with the industrial union lawsuits.

In addition to aforementioned experience on the lawsuit proceedings, Okyay | Evren also provides regular consultancy services on the subject of employment law to its clients. Within this scope, Okyay | Evren provides regular consultancy services on the subjects such as preparation and evaluation of procedures regarding the regulation of the work and employment contracts, management of employment law processes, realization of the defense – warning processes during the continuation of the work relations and conclusion of the labor relation, evaluation of sub-contractor and sub-employer processes and execution of the risk analysis and providing employment law trainings to the managers. eğitimi verilmesi gibi konularda düzenli danışmanlık hizmetleri sağlanmaktadır.