Yüksel Okyay

Avukat, Arabulucu

Yüksel Okyay graduated from Dokuz Eylül Law Faculty in 2002. She is a trademark and patent attorney for over 10 years. In 2013 she become one of the first mediators that are registered under Mediation Office of Turkey and she increased her competency with international accreditation that she obtained with the education she had received.

Okyay provides consultancy services on the subjects of employment law, execution law, debt follow-up and liquidation, family law, inheritance law, European Court of Human Rights proceedings, litigation proceedings and mediation to the national, international and foreign clients.

Following the forming of the mediation organization in Turkey, Okyay becomes prominent with her works in this field and contributes to clients as mediator in resolution processes before lawsuits. By this means, she provided far faster and economical legal solutions to the clients by providing assistance for resolution before various disputes become lawsuit proceedings.

In addition, Okyay had taken part in founder management of Izmir Mediators Foundation and International Mediation Foundation and as of now she is still the Chairman of the Board of Directors of International Mediation Foundation. She is a member of American – Turkish Business Development Council. Aside from this, she is a member of MBBI (Mediator Beyond Border International) and founder of the Turkey Chapter.

She is one of the founding members of the Akdeniz Dispute Resolution Center and as of now she is still a partner and manager. She is actively acting as attorney, mediator, educator and trademark and patent attorney.